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5 Common Mistakes People While Trying To Protect Themselves From Covid-19

5 Common Mistakes People While Trying To Protect Themselves From Covid-19

As the new-fangled coronavirus continues to show devastating impact across the globe, mankind has started adhering to social distancing protocols and practicing personal hygiene measures to combat the spread of the virus.
However, as we witness the opening of several economic activities, including the cinema halls, restaurants, schools and other institutes, the chances of getting across an infected person have become quite high. This is precisely why it is so essential to take the utmost precautions. There are certain common mistakes that we unintentionally make which need to be avoided in order to promote safe health and well-being. Keep reading as we address them!

Having Small Gatherings With The People We Know

In this on-going situation, where large gatherings are prohibited, people tend to resort to smaller gatherings and continue to meet-and-greet each other. Obviously, it can be difficult and disappointing to cancel special family events and not have any contact with friends outside your home. Nevertheless, this is a critically important way to slow the spread of this virus and protect your neighbors by following the norms, at this is an emergency.

However, we tend to overlook the fact that these six, eight and ten people attending a dinner party or a small gathering, even if one is infected, all of a sudden four to five people in the gathering are affected. Since those are small gatherings so people are not as vigilant enough to take proper care of their sanitization and here’s where the mistake takes place.

Your Face Mask Fails To Cover Your Nose And Mouth

One of the many common mistakes that people make is wearing a face mask that either covers their nostrils or their mouth. It might be convenient to breathe with your nose out, but the face mask needs to cover your nose and mouth primarily. You can easily spread the virus and infect other people by coughing, sneezing or communicating publicly with an uncovered nose and mouth. In the same way, wearing the mask too loose is not serving the purpose. It needs to be properly put to your face, not too tightly as well. There are two major concerns with this approach, one, it shows that your face mask is not fitted properly as it must and two, it is more likely to slip off and put you and the people around you at the risk of infection. A good face mask must always cover the bridge of your nose and your mouth appropriately.

You Forget To Carry Hand Sanitizer or Wipes

It does not matter if it just a short-trip downstairs or your regular workplace, it is a necessity to wear face masks every time you step a foot outside your house. While you are outside your house, you never know whom you might run into outside your doorstep. Ensure that all organic matter is removed from the hands. Dirt, for example, must be removed from hands prior to applying any hand sanitizer. Of course, there are those moments that will immediately make you want to use your hand sanitizer there are just moments when soap and water aren’t readily available. In those instances, make sure to carry the essentials. It is highly recommended that one should carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipes if the plan is to go or stay outdoors.

Lack Of Cautiousness While Touching Things Outdoors

As the restrictions are getting lifted up, people are stepping outdoors frequently and trying to return to the old normalcy. But people usually fail to notice that now is the time to be even more alert about what we touch and come in contact with, in the public places they visit. In a normal week, it’s difficult to count how many times we come into physical contact with other people in public. As more people are returning to their jobs, now is not the time to have an easy-going attitude about the virus when it comes to touching public surfaces as not all the surfaces that we usually touch like the tables, chairs, billing counter, etc. are disinfected with sprays that kill germs.

Not Practicing Good Personal Hygiene

Coronavirus is affecting people that belong to several communities all around the globe. No specific age group is protected from contracting the COVID-19 disease.
Good hygiene practices can help to restrict the risk of contracting the virus and other infections. One must frequently wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and accessible. Not touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth) when you are outside. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throwing immediately after use. Disinfect surfaces/objects at home that are frequently touched. Wear a face mask whether you show symptoms or not.

Coronavirus is not planning to leave the world anytime soon, hence it is a need of the hour for individuals to take utmost care of themselves and avoid making such common mistakes in order to maintain a healthy and hygienic well-being.

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