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HealthyU Veggie & Fruit Wash

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Just rinsing vegetable & fruits does not remove harmful germs, bacteria, virus  present on the surface.

HealthyU gives  the protection your daily product needs without any smell, residue or after smell.


100% Food Grade Ingredients

Contains Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

Contains Alcohol to Kill Bacteria & Virus

Easy to Rinse off Pesticides & Other Contaminants

Contains NO Chlorine or Soap

Watermelon Fragrance


Content: 1L Pack



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HealthyU Veggie & Fruit Wash is the complete protection for your family. The liquid cleanser can not only be used on your fruits & vegetables but also your utensils, baby toys leaving no residue or after smell.

The cleanser contains alcohol to fight 99.9% germs, bacteria & virus & it is 100% safe on your stuff.

Made from 100% food ingredients with natural apple cider vinegar.

Contains no harmful chemicals like soap or chlorine.

Made with Ethyl Alcohol which is edible alcohol.




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