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ZBOOST Immunity Booster (60 Tablets)

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Start your day with ZBoost Immunity Booster Tablets by Zreyasa! Enriched with Natural Herbs and No artificial sugar.

Perfect for your daily strength. Take the tablet Twice. Each Container contains 60 Tablets.

Key Features:

-Increase Platelet Count

-Prevents Infections & sore throat

-Strengthens the Immune system

-Enriched with Powerful Herbs and no artificial sugar

-Boost Immunity against viral ailments

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight.

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ZBoost – Complete Boost to your Immunity with Ayurveda

ZBOOST Immunity Booster Tablets

Enriched with Powerful Herbs:

Ashwagandha Extract
Tulsi Extract
Giloy Extract
Papaya Extract
Amla Extract
Punarnava Extract
Haldi Extract
Babul Gond

Boost Immunity against Viral Ailments, Improve Platelet Count & Stay Refreshed!


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