Zreyasa’s Story

35 years ago, our founders, set on a path to find better health care solutions in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Learning the ins and outs of health care and an experience of over 40 years put together in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing and formulation development, we understood the need for natural skin care and personal hygiene, which led us to creating our own line of body care products, one that nourishes the skin and the soul.

Building on today’s need for “clean beauty”, Zreyasa strives to provide you with safer skin care products for your better tomorrow

  • Zreyasa Home

    Making Surfaces Safe to Touch

    Be it doorknobs, tabletops, kitchen slabs, or any other surface, make sure you clean and disinfect each of them with our best surface cleaner before touching them.

  • Zreyasa Disinfectants

    Disinfect To Protect

    Not just cleaning but disinfection is an important part of keeping your home healthy and your loved ones protected from illness-causing germs.

  • StainCrew Hand wash

    Do you know

    Washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap can reduce flu infection by 60%?

  • Zreyasa Spray


    Zreyasa, a Personal Hygiene Brand Launches Its Multi-purpose Sanitizer Spray

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  • Zreyasa


    This engineer built a Rs 4.3 Cr revenue business in 1 year by selling hand sanitisers amid COVID-19

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  • Zreyasa Veggie & Fruits Wash


    Zreyasa launched its Edible Alcohol-based HealthyU Veggie & Fruit Wash in the Indian market

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