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The Gift of Safety

The Gift of Safety

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All round protection at home or on the go with Zreyasa’s The Gift of Safety. Hygiene management is most important right now for you and your family members.

Contents of the Gift Hamper:

  1. Zboost Immunity Booster Tablets – 60 Tablets for a month to boost your immunity
  2. AlcohPure Multipurpose Disinfectant Spray – With 70% Alcohol, you can use it on Hard & Soft Surfaces with No Need To Wipe.
  3. Alcohsafe Wipes (20 Wipes) – 70% Alcohol to give you protection on the go
  4. Alcohpure Hand Sanitizer Gel 200ml – 63% Ethyl Alcohol Based Gel to keep your hand moisturised
  5. Alcohpure Plus Spray 100ml – 70% Ethyl Alcohol with Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution, a portable size spray which you can carry in your purse or pocket anywhere
  6. Alcohpure Hand Sanitizer Gel 50ml – 63% Ethyl Alcohol Based Gel Pocket size
  7. KN95 Masks (2) – To protect your world outside your home

Stay Immune & Stay safe with our The Gift of Safety for your Loved Ones!

Start your day with Zboost immunity booster tablets to give the energy & strength to go all day long.

AlcohPure Range of Hand Sanitizer Gel and Handrubs in various Travel Sizes that will suit you in every way.

Alcohsafe wipes for easy protection and cleaning on the go. Just Wipe out the Germs on your way!

The Alcohpure Multipurpose Spray to disinfect your hard and soft Surfaces, and guess what? NO NEED TO WIPE!

Spray Karo Safe Raho!!

War on Germs, Hand to Hand Combat!

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